Reclaiming the Faith

Revealing what the earliest Christians believed about the core issues facing us today.

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NEW: Wineskins and the Simple Words of Christ 
By Phil Baker
Have you ever felt you needed a seminary education to understand the Bible? Or been told that a basic command of Jesus like "Love your enemies" didn't really mean to love your enemies? In NEW, author and pastor Phil Baker reveals how the earliest believers approached the words of Jesus: seriously and simply. The Church grew rapidly during those first three centuries, as they filtered their understanding of everything else by His words. What impact would be felt today if Jesus' followers again were to take His teachings at face value, allowing them to be the lens by which we view everything else? 
Jesus said new wine must be poured into new wineskins. Whether a brand-new Christian or a long-time believer, you no doubt came to faith while wearing an "old-wineskin" - presupposition about Him, His teaching, the Holy Spirit, evil or the Old Testament. NEW: Wineskins and the Simple Words of Christ will help you shed those old filters that are obscuring your ability to interpret the Bible accurately, and hindering you from understanding and accepting the plain instructions of Jesus Christ. God wants to adorn us in new wineskins, to receive Him correctly and to live victoriously. 
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