Reclaiming the Faith

Revealing what the earliest Christians believed about the core issues facing us today.


I'm so grateful that I was able to do my undergraduate work at a Christian university. It was there that I truly developed a love for the Scriptures and a passion to impact the world for Christ. I'm also thankful for being able to graduate from Seminary, and for the many practical ministerial lessons I learned there. 

However, even though I was blessed with a wonderful traditional Christian education and graced with many brilliant professors, I feel like the writings of the earliest Christians have deepened my faith far more than anything I was exposed to in the classroom. 

To be fair, we did learn about a few of the major Gnostic heresies during the Ante-Nicene period (basically the first 300 years of Christendom) such as Marcionism, Valentinianism, and Manichaeism.  However, it was basically implied that real orthodox Christianity began to take root with the teachings of St. Augustine, who grew up as a Manichaean.

I have encountered many believers who experienced the same carefully shaped version of Christian history in Bible college or seminary as I did. We were informed of the heresies the earliest Christians stood against, but despite the vast amount of Ante-Nicene writings available to be studied, we were neither exposed to them, nor taught what the earliest Christians actually stood for. Therefore, it is the mission of this podcast to reveal what these Christians believed about the core issues facing us today.    
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