Reclaiming the Faith

Revealing what the earliest Christians believed about the core issues facing us today.

The 4th Watch

The Fourth Watch With Justen Faull

Reclaiming the Faith and Omega Frequency are honored to be part of The Fourth Watch Radio Network. The Fourth Watch Radio Network was launched by Justen Faull to encourage people to step out in faith and walk with Jesus during this turbulent hour in prophetic history (Matthew 14:22-33). TFWRN produces original podcast content that investigates supernatural and paranormal topics from a biblical perspective, delivered in a cutting edge and entertaining format.

These podcasts counteract the disinformation and deception of this world’s fallen system by preparing and strengthening our hearts for what lies ahead. As the remnant Bride of Christ we have a hope and peace that passes all understanding through a living relationship with Jesus. It is our mission for this message of hope to shine through every episode that we produce.

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New episodes of The Fourth Watch With Justen Faull air on Thursday at at 11am EST

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